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ACTING in ENGLISH OnLINE, by Javier Alcina


The success of tv series or films in English as well as the current boom in platforms such as Netflix, HBO, etc, is affecting the creation of new content, with an increasing enphasis on material that can be exported to other countries. Also, castings in English are more common by the day.

It's obvious that one should be ready for such opportunities. Acting in a foreign language requires a lot of practice so it's important to start training as soon as possible and continue improving.

The current times have proven how important it is to shoot your own castings at home, sometimes without anyone else to read scenes with you. This and other technical issues will be addressed during the course providing necessary tools to create self-tapes, for international projects or those in English that are now shooting in our own country.

The classes will start with vocal exercises to correct common mistakes in diction, musicality/inflection, key words, links and flow. We will continue with a scene study and specific aspects of the genre/subgenre in question. Finally, each student will have a chance to work on the scene followed by a commentary from the instructor.

Each student will be coached on greater specificity of thought. The camera reveals a lie and celebrates truth.

Occasionally, students will be required to prepare a monologue at home, record it and send it to the instructor for it to be analyzed during the following class.

Scenes will be sent out to be fully memorized before class. Students are advised to read Acting For The Camera, by Tony Barr.


  • Explore the process of preparation, casting and filming in English.
  • Work on American film and tv scripts in their original language.
  • Study concepts from a great variety of acting techniques (Meisner, Stella Adler, Stanislavski, Lesly Kahn, Tony Barr, Patsy Rodenburg, etc): the pinch and the ouch, non-transferable imagination, clear thought process, text analysis, locating stimulus, stimulus-bridge-reaction chain, circles of concentration, etc. 
  • Discover essential tools to tackle a monologue. 5 line monologue exercise developed by Javier Alcina.
  • Learn to simplify the acting process and avoid unnecesary complications.

Taller impartido por:

Javier Alcina


Javier Alcina graduated from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, where he also attended the Lee Strasberg Institute. Receiving a Fox Fellowship Award, he continued training as a director with Anatoli Vassiliev in Russia & France. He also studied with Lesly Kahn in Hollywood and at the Tony Barr's Film Actors Workshop in Santa Monica. He has collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists in theater, film and tv, such as Tom Hardy, Sir Alan Bates, Derek Jacoby, Rosamund Pike, Jimmy Kimmel or Kenneth Branagh. He has worked in Spain, China, Russia, France, England, Italy, Morocco and the US. He is a resident teacher at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, with the Michelle Danner Acting Studio in Los Angeles, teaching acting techniques such as Stella Adler, Stanislavski, Meisner, On-Camera Acting, Scene Study, Voice, Shakespeare and Accent Reduction. He also works as an acting coach for professional actors in different countries.

ACTING in ENGLISH OnLINE, con Javier Alcina


Noviembre 2020

FECHAS: 3 a 24 de Noviembre 2020

HORARIO: Martes 17:30h a 21:30h (CEST - Hora de Madrid)


PRECIO: € 140.-

DIRIGIDO A: Actores/actrices con un nivel alto de inglés que quieran practicar su actuación en este idioma, mejorarlo y adquirir herramientas para la práctica de los self-tapes para pruebas internacionales.

REQUISITOS (*): Mayores de 18 años. Actores y actrices con un nivel alto de inglés.

 * La escuela se reserva el derecho de admisión si alguien no cumple los requisitos solicitados.

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Curso: ACTING in ENGLISH OnLINE, con Javier Alcina

Fechas: 3 a 24 de Noviembre 2020

Precio: € 140.-


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