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Film Acting training

Streaming platforms (Netflix, HBO, Amazon, etc) constantly aim to reach the global market. As a result, castings for projects shot in English are ever more common and actors would do well being ready for such opportunities. 

To act in a foreign language requires a lot of practice so it’s best to start now and be constant in your preparation. 

During this workshop we will apply two highly effective techniques from Hollywood still little known in Europe: Tony Barr & Lesly Kahn. Each student receives personalized coaching, analysis of their performance and professional footage to add to their reel. 

Please note that this course will be taught entirely in English.

The Tony Barr technique has become an essential reference in film acting highlighting the process of observation and listening. There’s great emphasis on text analysis, points of focus, perceiving overall behavior and internal process in order to reach an organic and convincing reaction. Furthermore, finding the appropriate emotion and its implicit inner rhythm helps inhabit the given circumstances in each scene. Understanding the different subgenres is also essential to accurately recreate the reality suggested on the page.
The Lesly Kahn technique on thoughts helps the actor achieve surprising specificity, adding constant nuance to his/her performance. It entails exploration and practice which awakens the imagination, allowing actors to constantly experience what they think and feel. It is an exercise aimed at providing words with specific value in order to avoid repetition, unconvincing performances, generalizations or vague ideas. Since the actor knows exactly WHAT he/she is doing at any given moment, it allows greater freedom to surrender to the experience, leaving the HOW (to do it) open to wonder, surprise, listening and observation.


  •  Discover and practice two highly effective film acting techniques.
  • Learn a system of text analysis that saves time and energy.
  • Manage to apply multiple specific thoughts to each line.
  • Identify and work on different genres, rhythms and roles.
  • Find and implement the internal rhythm of an emotion.
  • Receive personalized coaching.
  • Walk away with professional footage.
  • Familiarize yourself with key concepts from a great variety of other acting techniques (Meisner, Stella Adler, Stanislavski, Patsy Rodenburg, etc): the pinch & the ouch, non-transferable imagination, creation and manipulation of invented memories, clarity of thought, locating stimulus, the dramatic chain, circles of concentration, etc.
  • Acquire a truly effective memorization technique.
  • Simplify the acting process avoiding unnecessary complications.
  • Recognize genre and stay in genre.
  • Experience a fully immersive filming process in English, from theory to rehearsals, shooting and analysis of your performance.

Scenes are sent out to students in advance to memorize BEFORE the workshop. 

You can still apply for a single weekend as long as there is a space left.

Fechas y horario pendientes de programación.

  • NIVEL: Todos los niveles.
  • REQUISITOS - ACCESO: Fluent in english. Selección por CV y fotografía. Enviar a
  • PLAZAS LIMITADAS: 16 participantes máx. (Mínimo 8).
  • Este taller también puede cursarse de manera independiente si quedan plazas disponibles. Consulta aquí las condiciones.
  • Al finalizar el taller se entrega copia del material grabado.

Taller impartido por:

Javier Alcina


Javier Alcina graduated from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, where he also attended the Lee Strasberg Institute. Receiving a Fox Fellowship Award, he continued training as a director with Anatoli Vassiliev in Russia & France. He also studied with Lesly Kahn in Hollywood and at the Tony Barr's Film Actors Workshop in Santa Monica. He has collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists in theater, film and tv, such as Tom Hardy, Sir Alan Bates, Derek Jacoby, Rosamund Pike, Jimmy Kimmel or Kenneth Branagh. He has worked in Spain, China, Russia, France, England, Italy, Morocco and the US. He is a resident teacher at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, with the Michelle Danner Acting Studio in Los Angeles, teaching acting techniques such as Stella Adler, Stanislavski, Meisner, On-Camera Acting, Scene Study, Voice, Shakespeare and Accent Reduction. He also works as an acting coach for professional actors in different countries.

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